Chocisky, Chocolate for Whisky

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As people consider alternatives from the traditional idea of smoking a cigar with their Whisky an old idea is becoming popularised - namely the enhancement of Whisky Chocolate pairing. This is an idea Chocisky™ co founders Stuart Baxter and Peter Jones became aware of over 30 years ago first whispered to them in a hushed voice in their local Highland pub by a Master Whisky Blender. As far as Chocisky™ is concerned Whisky Chocolate pairing is one of the Highlands, if not indeed Scotland’s best kept secrets.

If you are looking to enhance your traditional Whisky experience and have never tried chocolate pairing there are a number of reasons you should do so, you just might be glad you did. Chocisky™ have travelled the world to identify a range of diverse, authentic chocolate made from the finest ingredients. When combined with your Whisky this will unleash a greater diversity of flavours than ever imagined.

Finding your ideal combinations is all part of the Chocisky™ experience. It’s a great way to learn about Chocolate and Whisky sharing this experience and knowledge with friends.

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